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Design Philosophy

We aim to be uncompromising in our design whilst remaining competitive, providing security products that are wholly appropriate for secure CCTV camera installations.

Below are the design considerations and features we apply across our product ranges

Designed for maximum rigidity

  • Reinforced door frames
  • Reinforced base plates
  • Heavy sections used
  • Connections reinforced
  • Designed for high camera equipment loads

Designed as security products, with many secure design features

  • Secure locks as standard, cannot be picked or driven through
  • Flush, close fitting doors to resist lever attacks
  • Internal padlock facility on tilt-down products 
  • Winches are demountable ­and are removed when product is not being operated, therefore products are tamper proof.
  • Camera cables routed internally

Designed for safe and easy use

  • Tilt-down product operating procedures developed and refined over many years
  • Winch systems are tailored to suit varying product types rather than being made 'common' to suit all product types. This ensures optimum operating safety and maximum winch, cable and component life

Uncompromising design

  • We were unable to find a suitable secure lock so developed and now produce our own
  • Many cost savings can be made by changing 'hidden' aspects such as door frame strengthening (which ensures maximum rigidity). We do not seek to make savings, by reducing the performance of our products, only by improving our production processes

Why Choose Altron

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We think there are some very good reasons why you should choose Altron as your preferred supplier of CCTV camera mounting structures and brackets. Find out more >

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