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Design Support

As the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of CCTV camera mounting structures, Altron provides the following services giving full back up support for our products.

  • In house software modelling of all CCTV structures
  • In house software modelling of cantilever pole structures
  • Provision of consultant engineering calculations where required
  • Verification of CCTV products for non-standard loads
  • Maximum structure capacity verification
  • Site specific structure loading
  • Site specific foundation size confirmation
  • Site specific foundation designs
  • Advice on non-standard installations/ locations
  • Design of all types of brackets to fix to our standard product ranges for associated items such as:-
    • Lighting
    • Speakers
    • Equipment boxes
    • Lightning protection
    • Earth protection
    • Washer bottles
  • Design of bespoke brackets > see  Special Bracket Design

Why Choose Altron

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We think there are some very good reasons why you should choose Altron as your preferred supplier of CCTV camera mounting structures and brackets. Find out more >

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