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Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a fundamental part of Altron’s ability to provide its wide and varied range of CCTV camera mounting products. Laser cutting produces extremely accurate components and when coupled with the latest CNC press braking technology, ensures all parts used in the Altron product range are of the highest quality.

Laser-cut pole components Laser-cut components Laser-cut and pressed pole components

Due to the accuracy of the components and the complexity that can be produced, this has enabled the on-going development of the Altron product range and is at the heart of our future developments.

Laser-cut post sections Laser-cut components used extensively in the production of the Altron product range Laser-cut parts used in Altron cabinets Laser-cut and pressed tower base posts

With our in-house lasers, we are not reliant on outside supply, therefore we are very flexible and reactive in our laser cutting program, which is essential in keeping lead times to a minimum, whilst ensuring we retain high quality products. This is also aided by our tube cutting facility used for many of our column and pole products.

Our subcontract arm ‘Swelco’ produces many laser cut components for a wide range of customers and specialises in producing kits of parts as a stage 1 supplier to Own Equipment Manufacturing companies.

Kit of laser-cut parts for sub-contract customer Stainless steel components for sub-contract customer Laser-cut sub-contract components Small laser-cut, pressed and fabricates sub-contract parts

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