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Value For Money

Our products are produced to a high standard. We do not compromise on the necessary features of our CCTV security products, to enable a cheaper product to be produced.

All the necessary parts for your installation are included in the one product price we offer. There are no hidden extras.

Our prices as standard include:-

  • Template and bolts 
  • Reinforced door openings (for maximum rigidity)
  • Reinforced base plates (for maximum rigidity)
  • Doors (some of our competitors do not include doors in their base prices)
  • Security locks as standard (Altron’s heavy duty stainless steel security lock, not a common, non-secure triangular key lock)
  • Bobbin/Upstand/camera mounting plate is always included

You get all of these features as standard on all of our products (where they are applicable). Therefore when comparing prices, make sure that your comparison has all of these included.

We do not charge a premium for these features, we consider them to be fundamental for security products that are appropriate for the CCTV market. We may not always be the cheapest, but we believe that we provide the best value for money and most appropriate products for CCTV camera mounting.






Why Choose Altron

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We think there are some very good reasons why you should choose Altron as your preferred supplier of CCTV camera mounting structures and brackets. Find out more >

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