About 35 Years Of Design And Manufacture

35 Years of Design & Manufacture

Early CCTV Products

Altron first produced CCTV towers and columns in 1983 for companies such as Securicor Granley and ADT.

Our ability to do this was based on our knowledge of the design and production of telescopic towers and columns for communications and lighting.

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Other Historic Products

CCTV products ran alongside our communications and lighting products during the 1980’s, for which we used to supply organizations such as the Home Office, Thames Valley Police, Hutchinson Microcell (Surveyed the Orange Network) and the Radio Ham market

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CCTV Mounting Product Ranges Established in the 90’s

At the beginning of the 1990’s we decided to concentrate on products specifically for the fast expanding CCTV market. Since producing the initial CCTV products in the 1980’s we have designed and developed a broad and comprehensive range of CCTV mounting products that incorporate many design features tailored to meet the specific demands of the CCTV market.

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We’re dedicated to continued development

From our 2000 square foot workshop in South Croydon, to our current purpose built 60,000 square foot premises, we have continuously invested in the development of our products and our ability to manufacture and supply these successfully into the CCTV market, to meet the ongoing demand of our valued customers. We are dedicated to the continued development and manufacture of products of the highest standard that are appropriate for the CCTV market in the years to come.

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