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Altron’s fleet of vehicles deliver throughout the whole of the UK on a weekly basis. All vehicles have Hi-abs for offloading products on site and to place poles and columns onto bases prepared by others. We also have approved sub-contractors with specialist vehicles for large and heavy loads.

Our delivery drivers are highly skilled and experienced and will do their utmost to ensure that your delivery goes as smoothly as possible.

We have provided some helpful information on deliveries in the tabbed section at the bottom of this page.

We are currently accredited for FORS Bronze level by TfL <more>

If you have any questions regarding our delivery capabilities, please contact our Transport department at 

There are specific requirements that need to be considered when arranging for the delivery of CCTV camera poles, towers and columns. Some of these are listed below:-

  • Is there good vehicle access on to the site?
  • Can the vehicle get adjacent to the drop off point?
  • Is there a good roadway and hardstanding for the vehicle?
  • Our vehicles cannot travel over soft ground, so if there is soft ground, has 'trackway' been allowed for?
  • Are there site controls/ rules, that we need to be aware of in advance?
  • Is traffic manangement required? (Altron do not provide traffic management)


When placing poles onto prepared bases, we only cost for the driver’s operating time typically up to 30 minutes per pole. Costs given do not include for any traffic management. Traffic management must be provided in traffic sensitive areas. If you are unsure of this you should contact us and we will advise as failure to provide this may lead to an abortive delivery.

An installation engineer ideally, 2 no. should be present to help place the poles and bolt down. Only our driver is present and they will be operating the hiab crane, placing the pole.

Good vehicular access is required with hard level standing adjacent to the pole base, within 3-5 metres depending on delivery vehicle. Placing of poles means we place poles onto bases but do not make vertical or bolt down.  

Please advise of any specific delivery requirements or anticipated difficulties. There will be locations where we may not be able to deliver or place poles without prior notification and if specific arrangements are not made, ­for example:-

  • Adjacent to or underneath power lines
  • Where ground is not firm
  • Over new tarmac or block paving
  • Where there is a danger of damage to property or persons
  • Where access is restricted

Planning: Generally, deliveries of Poles, Towers & Columns are pre-planned by Altrons planning team calling a week before the week commencing date, Altron will check the site is ready to take delivery, confirming site address, site contact name and number. The goods due will be allocated vehicle space where upon a confirmation of date will be advised, after this point costs may be incurred if changes are made to the delivery date confirmed

Deliveries: We shall make every effort to give delivery on the date or dates required.  Such date, dates or times are an estimate only and are neither guaranteed nor deemed to be of the essence of the Contract. We cannot be held responsible for costs where delivery vehicles have been delayed for reasons beyond our reasonable control.  We endeavour to advise of vehicles being delayed but cannot always guarantee this. See restrictions regarding access, safety, traffic management and prior notification in “Placing” section above.