About Security Features

Security Features

All Altron products are designed specifically for CCTV camera mounting.

We believe that CCTV installations should be secure, so the following security features are incorporated as standard, into all of our products

Close Fitting Flush Doors

All products have close fitting flush doors to resist lever attacks giving a good level of security and a neat aesthetic appearance.
Doors are produced in thick galvanised plate that resist hammer attacks.

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Secure Stainless Steel One Piece Locks

Our standard locks have a machined one piece collar and a substantial M10 spindle which cannot be driven through, providing a good level of security as standard for all models with access doors

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Tilt-Down Products are Internally Padlockable

Internal padlocking of tilt-down models gives a second layer of security only visible if a door should be removed

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Tilt-down Products Have Internal Cable Way Facility For Camera Cables

Cables can be concealed within all models, both fixed and tilt-down (excluding our standard ACT tower range), making opportunist tampering or vandal attacks less likely.

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