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As well as providing a wide range of standard brackets we have over the past 30 years built up a significant library of 'special' designs, to overcome the many varying and challenging requirements for mounting cameras in difficult and unusual locations.

Today we find that the many 'specials' are a variation of either a standard bracket or a modification to a previous design for a similar application, so they are straight forward for us to produce.

We also have many standard design features that can be brought together into a one-off bespoke design. And where the requirement is completely specific, we offer a full design service.

The photographs on this page are just a small sample of the many thousands of specials we have produced.

Case studies at the bottom of the page show some solutions to specific camera mounting bespoke requirements.

Ballast Swivel arm bracket

The customer requirement was to have the dome extend out over the building edge by 1500mm.The bracket needed to be steadied by a handrail, but could not be structurally fixed to it, but also had a limited foot print for a ballast frame as this needed to fit inside a window cleaning gantry track. Arm could not protrude to the rear by more than 1m for the same reason.As the bracket is on a high rise roof, all parts needed to be small enough to carry onto the roof by one person via a lift and access stairs.

The solution was a swivel arm bracket with an arm that breaks down into three parts and is bolted together, along with a bolt together frame, bolt on steadying arms and counterbalance weights for the rear of the arm.

Ballast Swivel arm bracket-casestudy

Roof edge mounted tilt down column

The customer needed to mount a camera approx 2.5 metres high at an unprotected roof edge and be able to winch the camera in for servicing at a safe distance from the roof edge (1.5m).

The solution was a tilt down column, mounted to a wall mounted post and tilted down using a fixed winch on an extended arm. The column is locked in the vertical with a screw lock that can be operated at arm's length. The winch cable is routed around the bracket to enable the column to tilt down away from the edge of the roof towards the operator.

Roof edge mounted tilt down column-casestudy

90 degree extended arm wall bracket

Customer requirement was to view a fire escape door area being used as a shelter for drug abuse. The camera needed to be in a position where it could look at the door way, but be out of reach with the bracket fixing point, camera cables etc, not accessible from the fire escape.

The solution was for the bracket mounting points to be round the corner of the building, completely inaccessible and for the bracket to be installed using a cherry picker. The bracket has an arm at 90 degrees to reach around the corner and look at the fire escape and to stand off far enough to not be reached from the fire escape. The bracket needed to be made in three pieces - wall mounting plate, main arm and additional arm forming the 90 degree portion. The main arm needed to be sufficiently rigid to keep the movement of the 90 degree arm to a minimum.

90 degree extended arm wall bracket-casestudy

Gantry mounted telescopic, retractable, swivelling, dome mounting bracket

Customer requirement was to have a dome mounted below a railway gantry to view along marshalling tracks and then to be able to bring the dome up onto the gantry walkway for servicing. The operation needed to take place within the gantry handrail with no overreaching.

The solution was a pole section that is lowered using a winch through an extended arm which swivels to enable the dome to be brought into the gantry walkway. The swivel arm is locked in the outward 'operating' position and can be padlocked there. The lowering pole is not held on the winch rope when lowered, but by a locking pin, that is spring loaded and operated from within the gantry. The bracket is fixed to the gantry floor and handrails for stability.

Gantry mounted telescopic-case study