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Design Services

As well as our standard products suitable for many CCTV and associated applications, we also cater fully for the more specific requirements of petrochemical and large scale perimeter security installations that have stringent specifications to comply with.

We have specialist in house software that enables us to model all of our CCTV and associated products, using our vast data base within the software, of camera equipment and other equipment commonly mounted on our structures. We are able to provide the following project by project design support.

Individual product loading for project specific equipment requirements

Many projects require more than the stated equipment loading shown in our product technical tables and this is a common requirement on many petrochemical installations, where explosion proof housings and equipment boxes are being used. We prove the structures loading capabilities within our software and where necessary, propose heavier structures suitable for the increased loads.

CCTV tower equipment and capacity   PAGA pole equipment and capacity   Pole with equipment and capacity   4 legged tower equipment and capacity   Camera pole with lights - equipment and capacity

Product capacity assessment

In conjunction with the above, we can confirm the maximum equipment loading for maximum design wind speeds to comply with project specifications.

Deflection analysis and confirmation of compliance with project specification

Where there is a requirement for a maximum deflection to be kept within at a specified operational wind speed, we can model the equipment required on the project and confirm if a standard product is suitable or if necessary propose heavy duty, more rigid products to comply with the deflection requirements.

CCTV tower deflection analysis   CCTV tower reactions analysis   Pole deflections analysis   Pole shear forces analysis   PAGA pole reactions analysis

Equipment mounting layouts for project specific equipment mounting solutions

On many projects it is necessary to prove that the proposed structure is suitable for holding all of the equipment required to be mounted on to it. As well as producing models within our software to prove the structures suitability, we also provide detailed layout proposals showing how the equipment will be mounted, often with bespoke brackets for junction boxes, washer systems etc

Tilt-down pole sample layout      Tilt-down tower sample       Tilt-down column sample

Foundation size confirmation and project specific foundation design

We provide both a standard foundation sizing service using our library of foundations designs for various base reactions, for specific project site loading and can provide specific foundation designs based on project requirements.

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