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Innovative solutions

We always strive to meet the needs of our customers', and of the CCTV market. Meeting these has been the main driving force behind the development of our product ranges over the past 30 years.

Some of our more notable ‘firsts' are highlighted below.

  • Cabinet based poles introduced (in 1994 for Glasgow City Watch).
  • Ornate CCTV poles introduced
  • First tilt-down cabinet based CCTV pole.
  • First wall mounted tilt-down CCTV pole
  • Internally cabled CCTV tower range introduced (patented hinge arrangement)
  • Internally padlockable tilt-down CCTV columns
  • Flush security doors across product ranges
  • First anti-vandal, ant-ram, dual skin pole
  • Hydraulically assisted drop down arm for lowering trolley head poles (patented) to enable safe servicing
  • Cylindrical, tapered cabinet based tilt-down CCTV pole (Millennium stadium in 1999)
  • Cylindrical foundation system for rapid deployment and high volume roll out (2012 London Olympics)
  • Bottom hinged tilt-down CCTV towers and columns
  • Telescopic CCTV columns
  • Cabinet based modular tilt-down columns


AW1545-1994 AW1663_1 AW1545-TD 
The first cabinet based pole (1994)             AW1663 Anti-vandal poles mid 1990's          Cabinet based tilt-down poles - mid 1990's
for Glasgow City Watch scheme

AW2075-O2 AW1697_1 ACC-FD 
Cylindrical tapered tilt-down poles             Modular cabinet based columns              Flush doors and stainless steel locks
AW2075-TD - 1999                                     AW1697 - mid 1990's                               accross product ranges - 2013

Deployable_1 ANCT-hinge DDA-lowered AW4772-tilted
Cylindrical pre-cast deployable                Internal cable route through hinge              DDA drop down arm - Patented                High loading tilt-down wall
foundation developed for the                     on ANCT towers - part of the                      2011                                                            mounted AW4772 columns
Olympics in 2012                                      ANCT patented hinge arangement                                                                                 2012

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