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Industrial & Commercial

- Overview of products most appropriate for this market

Modular columns

ACC modular columns -
fixed and tilt down 

IMG 9302

Square section camera columns,
easy to transport and install,
economic and very secure,
a wide range to suit all types of
installation -­ most models
available from stock
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AW1697 cabinet based modular
column - tilt down

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Square section cabinet based
tilt-down camera columns, easy to
transport and install, economic and
very secure - most models available
from stock. View product range >

Telescopic columns


Square section telescopic camera 
columns enable servicing of cameras
at ground level without the need to
tilt the column over.
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Modular towers

ACT modular towers -
fixed and tilt town

Industrial Commercial

Popular modular CCTV lattice tower
range, easy to transport and install,
with a wide range to suit all types
of installation - most models available
from stock. View product range >

ANCT nested modular towers -
tilt down

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Unique patented modular CCTV
lattice tower range, with complete
internal cable routing and equipment
mounting space within the base post.
Easy to transport and install, and very
secure - available from stock.
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ASST heavy duty fixed towers


A range of taller CCTV lattice 
towers up to 25m that can be
provided with ladders and fall arrest.
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Tubular poles

Tubular fixed poles


A comprehensive range of camera
poles in three different duties with
industry leading security features,
giving excellent camera rigidity and
value for money.
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Tubular tilt down poles -


A comprehensive range of camera 
poles in two different duties with
industry leading security features,
enabling CCTV camera equipment
to be serviced at ground level.
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Cabinet based poles

Cabinet based poles fixed and
tilt-down - AW1545/BAS

AW1545/5TD/BAS 5x7 crop

A comprehensive range of cabinet
based CCTV camera poles, suitable for
industrial and commercial installations,
enabling supply equipment to be
mounted within the pole itself - no
need for separate cabinet.
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Wall mounted poles

Wall mounted poles


A wide range of fixed wall mounted
CCTV Poles, available from stock,
ideal for gaining an elevated
viewpoint from existing structures.
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Wall mounted tilt-down poles


Tilt-down Wall mounted CCTV poles,
to enable camera equipment to be
serviced at ground level.
Available with many fixing options,
so supplied as standard products
to suit most installation requirements.
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