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About Us

At Altron, we have an in-depth understanding of CCTV camera mounting application and the very specific requirements to ensure high quality installations.

We back this up with a full support service covering all areas of justification, delivery, installation and operation

Altron has been involved in many major security projects, both in the UK and overseas, from initial design and development, through to meeting extensive program delivery deadlines.

Our Principles

These are the general principles we apply across our range of products, designed specifically for CCTV camera mounting.

Design Philosophy

We aim to be uncompromising in our design whilst remaining competitive, providing security products that are wholly appropriate for secure CCTV camera installations.

Designed for maximum rigidity

  • Reinforced door frames
  • Heavy sections used
  • Connections reinforced
  • Designed for high camera equipment loads

Designed as security products, with many secure design features

  • Secure locks as standard, cannot be picked or driven through
  • Flush, close fitting doors to resist lever attacks
  • Internal padlock facility on tilt-down products 
  • Winches are demountable and are removed when product is not being operated, therefore products are tamper proof.
  • Camera cables routed internally

Designed for safe and easy use

  • Tilt-down product operating procedures developed and refined over many years
  • Winch systems are tailored to suit varying product types rather than being made 'common' to suit all product types. This ensures optimum operating safety and maximum winch, cable and component life

Value for Money

We strive to maintain high specification, secure products whilst remaining competitive and do not look to save cost by compromising on this.

All the necessary parts for your installation are included in the one product price we offer. There are no hidden extras. Our prices as standard include:-

  • Reinforced door openings (for maximum rigidity)
  • Reinforced base plates (for maximum rigidity)
  • Doors (some of our competitors do not include doors in their base prices)
  • Security locks as standard (Altron’s heavy duty stainless steel security lock, not a common, non-secure triangular key lock)
  • Bobbin/Upstand/camera mounting plate is always included

You get all of these features as standard on all of our products (where they are applicable). Therefore when comparing prices, make sure that your comparison has all of these included. We believe that we provide the best value for money and most appropriate products for CCTV camera mounting.

Our Service

To support our products and their application, we provide a full range of support services, so that you can be confident when specifying and using Altron products in your CCTV systems.

Site specific foundation sizes & bespoke foundation designs

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Bespoke Product Design Service

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Product Certification

  • Certificates of conformity can be provided for all products
  • Design and check certificates can be provided where appropriate

Detailed Design Justification

  • In house design software and detailed engineering calculations provide full justification of all products
  • Design Summary documents

Confirmation of Deflections for Different Equipment at Different Wind Speeds

  • In house software enables us to model our products with different camera equipment at any wind speed
  • Extensive database of camera equipment, wind turbines and solar panels to model any installation and equipment combination.

Advice on Deliveries and installation

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Advice on product installation and operation

Product training

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Significant Projects

Some of the major projects we have been involved in are listed below

  • 2012 Olympics – 1300 deployable pre-cast foundations and tubular fixed poles with offset arms and all supporting brackets and steelwork

  • NATO HQ – 450 AW1545/UP poles and supporting camera, lighting and speaker brackets

  • London Safety Camera Replacement Project (LSCRP) – many cantilever and tubular poles on A40, A406, A2 and A316 arterial routes into London

  • TfL and TfGM Lowering Trolley head poles – over 200 units supplied over the past 10 years

  • Perimeter security, rotating arm poles for AWS data sites throughout the UK, Europe and internationally

  • Grade 316 brushed stainless steel Lowering Trolley Head poles supplied for level crossing on Dublin Rail.