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Altron help with 5G upgrade

13th Jan 2017

Original project

Altron were contacted regarding a non-standard application to do with mounting 5G mobile phone antennas on campus at the University of Surrey. Loading was for 2 x antennas, with mast head amplifiers along with up to 2 x lights, in total 70 kgs+.  As the wind surface area of the equipment was also greater than normal, the requirement was for suitably rigid, heavy duty structures which were able to accomodate the additional load, whilst also allowing the equipment to be lowered to ground level for servicing. 

We proposed our AW1859 tilt-down tubular pole as this can be supplied for increased loading capacities by using a taller pole, but at a reduced height. This was then adapted to take the antenna mounting arrangement at the head, and loading and deflections were checked within our design software. 

Our proposal was accepted and an order placed to supply 17 structures, which were duly produced and delivered.

 5G phase 1

Original equipment loading for the  AW1859/5 & 6 heavy duty pole versions supplied 

Revised requirement

In July 2016, Altron were contacted by the University again, as the equipment mounted to these poles was to be upgraded and the new equipment had a greater loading than the original equipment.  A check was required to confirm if the existing poles and foundations on site were suitable to take the additional loading and an order was placed for the checking process to be carried out. By modelling the poles specifically for the University Campus site, we were able to confirm that there was sufficient capacity in the poles and foundations to take the additional loading, which was quite a lot higher than our original published loading data for the pole. This helped save significant costs on site as the poles and foundations did not need to be upgraded even though well over the standard loading spec. 

We have the ability to check loading's for individual sites where necessary; the cost involved with carrying out these checks can save more significant costs, especially on sites where there are a number of poles, as foundation sizes can be reduced and depending on the pole application, more equipment can be added, although for CCTV use the additional load can produce an unacceptable amount of deflection. 

5G phase 2


The same poles with significant additional equipment added after the analysis has been completed.