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Altron successfully defends against patent infringement

 31st Mar 2017


Our trolley head Drop Down Arm (DDA) has proven quite popular over the past few years helping us secure ongoing work with TfL and TfGM amongst others. This is due to the its unique ability to allow cameras to be lowered so that they can be serviced at ground level, whilst still in the upright position and with the weight of the camera and arm being supported by the arm mechanism, rather than the engineer. This provides safe easy access without the need for a cherry picker, which is particularly relevant when working in otherwise difficult access locations such as on pavements, grass banks or roadside.



In fact it has been popular enough for our competitors to copy it even though we have a patent covering its features. We were obviously not happy that our patent had been infringed, so we filed a claim.

We are now pleased to report that after quite a lengthy exercise, we have finally had our patent claim upheld and been awarded damages.

The case was quite clear cut and as no defence was submitted, a court order was issued requiring damages to be paid and for all materials, literature, display models, website information etc to be removed or destroyed. 

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