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Altron’s versatile range of cantilever products cover a wide range of applications to include road works, average
speed monitoring, trunk road ANPR, fence line security and virtually any other application where the camera or
associated equipment needs to be on an extended arm, rotated in for servicing and even tilted down for ground
level access to equipment.

  • ​​​Cabinet based versions available, based on our AW1545/UP range
  • Flush doors and secure locks as standard, enhance security and appearance.
  • Standard convection venting on AW1545/UP version eliminates condensation (when the pole base is properly sealed on installation)
  • A wide range of Altron Accessories available

  • Internal cabling
  • Close fitting flush doors
  • Solid secure heavy duty door locks
  • Secure venting method on cabinet based poles

  • Roadworks and contraflows
  • Highways and trunk roads
  • Adjacent to quarantine areas - e.g. adjacent to railway lines
  • Perimeter security


We have standard designs for cantilever poles and also design and produce to customer/ project specific requirements. 

Typical options for our cantilever poles are listed below and if you require further information please contact our sales office

Typical options 

  • Pole heights from 4m to 8m
  • A number of product configurations are available which include:
    – Straight tubular with cantilever arms up to 7m
    – Cabinet base with cantilever arms up to 7m
    – Tilt-down tubular with cantilever arm up to 3m
    – Tilt-down cabinet base with cantilever arm up to 3m
    Note: Tilt-down versions operate rotation of arm from ground level.
  • Fixed arms, or arms that rotate in to access cameras for servicing
  • Clamp on camera mounting brackets for cantilever arms
  • Pre-cast deployable foundations >view here
  • Site specific pole assessment and documentation
  • Paint finishes over galvanising 

Our in house software enables us to model cantilever poles to make a full assessment of pole and equipment loading. Screen captures below show some of the analysis we can do and the information we can provide is listed.

  • Modelling for specific locations

  • Confirmation of deflection on cameras for specific equipment used
  • Confirmation of structure suitability for specific camera loading and site specific wind loading 
  • Recomendation for foundation size for specific locations
  • Design summary report 

For further information please contact our sales office

Click on images below to see enlarged examples

      8m twim arm cantilever pole design ratios diagram   8m twin arm cantilever pole displaced shape diagram 
       Design ratios                                                                        Displacement shape

      8m twin arm cantilever pole reactions   8m twin arm cantilever pole shear forces
       Pole reactions                                                                                               Shear forces

Applicable standards

- Design analysis carried out using a specialist software package in accordance with ILE TR7, BS6399 and BS8100

Material and Finishing
- Structural steel hollow sections EN10219 - EN10025:2004
- Steel flat angles and structural sections EN10025, EN10111, EN 10130
- Foundation bolts Grade 4.6 spun galvanised BS4190, BS3692, DIN931, 934, 601
- Fixings: stainless steel Grade A2, galvanised Grade 4.6  Grade 8.8  BS4190, BS3692, DIN 931, 934, 601
- Hot dipped galvanising after fabrication to ISO 1461
- Painting in BS and RAL colours in accordance with BS4800

Manufacturing Processes
- Welding Procedures conform with BS EN 1011:2009, BS EN 9606-1