Roof Mounted Sliding Arm Bracket

021 SA1-1500RM-PG87 - VIEW 1 CROPPED 5x7022 SA1-1500RM-PG87 - VIEW 4 CROPPED 5x7023 SA1-1500RM-PG87 - VIEW 2 CROPPED 5x7


  • Arm slides in for servicing enabling installation in locations where arm is not able to be rotate in
  • Arm runs on nylon 66 rollers for smooth operation
  • Front support roller for parapet supplied as standard 
  • Solid constructions means stable platform for camera mounting
  • Designed to enable man handling through lift and stairwell for roof access
  • Bolt together frame option (standard on 1500mm2 and 1800mm2 frames) allows frame to be carried in small component form
  • Standard 101.6 PCD camera mount fixing holes

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  • Max. load capacity - 25kgs / 0.25m2
  • Typical ballast amount 100 - 320kgs depending on arm length, upstand height, location and roof height above ground level
  • Special bespoke variations made to order

SA1_RM diagram



Part Numbering

Frame Size for 
Upstand Height 
Up to 600mm 

Frame Size for
Upstand Height
Over 600mm
Up to 1100mm

  1.5m SA1-1500RM/ (Height TBC) (/BD) (/BD for frame size 1500mm2) 1300mm2 1500mm2  
  2m SA1-2000RM/ (Height TBC) /BD
  2.5m SA1-2500RM/ (Height TBC) /BD


  • For 'Height TBC' the upstand height to be determined by the height of the parapet. The front roller bracket to sit on the top of the parapet determines the height of the upstand.
    Upstand height = parapet height less 25mm. Some packing on the front roller bracket or ballast frame may be required on installation to achieve the correct finished height for the front roller bracket.
  • Most options are supplied with bolt together frame /BD. Where the /BD frame is not the standard option, this can be specified by adding the /BD to the end of the part number 

Upstand Heights Available

  • Upstands are made to order to suit the height of the parapet - see note in table above

Construction and finish

  • Produced in high tensile steel
  • Hot dip galvanised for longevity
  • Fixings are stainless steel grade A2 and galvanised grade 8.8
  • Painted finish to BS & RAL colours on request