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What we offer

  • A full range of towers poles and columns tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Petrochemical industry and specific market preferences
  • Associated structures for speaker and beacon mounting (PAGA poles), telephone hoods etc.
  • Junction Box mounting bracket systems for all of our standard products
  • A fully developed range of telecoms monopoles and towers with ladders, fall arrest and platforms
  • Project by project, product assessment and proposal, including supporting design documentation
  • Full QCP and FAT documentation
  • Full export documentation and transport management

Previous projects

Altron have supplied thousands of products Worldwide, here is a small sample of projects :-

·         Altron has a Saudi Aramco Vendor ID and has supplied many Aramco projects, including 1,800 CCTV Columns
          for ISUP project sites including Manifa, Yanbu, Jeddah, Riyadh and many others

·         CCTV Camera Poles for Sadara, Saudi Arabia

·         CCTV Poles for Aramco Wasit and Shaybah gas development

·         Tilt-down CCTV Poles for King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia

·         Cabinets and CCTV Poles for King Abdullah Sports City

·         Tilt-down CCTV Poles for Jubail City, Saudi Arabia

·         Ornate CCTV Poles for Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles

·         Cabinet-based CCTV Poles for Correctional facilities, Canada

·         Ornate CCTV Poles for Royal Palace, Dubai

·         CCTV Columns for Dubai Airport

·         Numerous projects for ADCO, Abu Dhabi

·         CCTV Towers and Columns for ADNOC Hamriyah Free Zone, UAE

·         CCTV Poles for Parliament Building, Tanzania

·         Hundreds of CCTV Poles, Columns, Towers for many projects at RasLaffan, Qatar

·         CCTV Poles for perimeter CCTV, Qatar Navy

·         CCTV Camera Towers and Columns for Qatar Petroleum, Shell, Rasgas, Qatar Gas and many others in Qatar,
           including projects in Dukhan, RasLaffan, Halul Island.

·         Many projects for PDO, OOCEP and others in Oman, including Abu Tabul site

·         Projects for Omasco and Omifco, Oman

·         Cabinet-based CCTV Poles  for BP in Eastern Europe

·         Bespoke CCTV Towers for Kashagan Pipeline, Kazakhstan

·         CCTV Poles for KOC, Kuwait Oil Company

·         CCTV Poles for Sief Palace, Kuwait

·         Cabinet-based CCTV Poles for Chevron, Nigeria

·         Ornate CCTV and Wi-fi Poles for Misrata Urban CCTV project, Libya

·         CCTV, PAGA and Telephone Poles for Majnoon, Badra and Wast Qurna oilfields, Iraq


Why Choose Altron

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