Adjustable pole mounting bracket for fixed CCTV camera
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APB250-SF-PG79 free crop


  • Stainless steel strapping has a 1 tonne breaking strain
  • Robust fabricated steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanised finish
  • Can also be produced for AW1699H & AW1699F swan necks
  • Fitted with PTS-1 knuckle as standard - HAS-1 knuckle fitted as option
  • PTS-1 and HAS-1 knuckles can be produced to suit any non standard camera housing (made to order)
  • Load Capacities - depending on pole spare capacity
    With standard PTS-1 fitted - 10kgs
    With optional HAS-1 fitted - 20kg

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    Part Number   Pole Diameter Bracket Weight
    APB 150 SF Single fixed 75-150mm 3.5kgs
    APB 150 TF Twin fixed 75-150mm 7kgs
    APB 250 SF Single fixed 150-250mm 4kgs
    APB 250 TF Twin fixed 150-250mm 8kgs

    Construction and finish

    • Produced in high tensile steel
    • Hot dip galvanised for longevity
    • Powder coated finish to BS & RAL colours on request
    • Adjustable strapping in stainless steel grade 304
    • Adjustable knuckle in stainless steel grade 304
    • Fixings are stainless steel grade A2