High Loading Wall Mounted Tilt-Down CCTV Poles


Altron High Loading Wall Mounted Tilt-Down CCTV Poles are typically used for dual camera and lighting installations. This range can be operated safely without the need to access a high level locking bolt, utilising a high level latch operated from ground level - Winches are fixed and can be supplied with padlockable cover and cable guard.


  • High loading wall mounted tilt-down pole
  • Unique features enable tilting and locking in the vertical to be carried out at ground level
  • Can be padlocked against un-authorised use
  • Optional winch cable guard (not a retrofit item)
  • Optional padlockable winch housing
  • Certified winch supplied as standard
  • Standard 101.6 PCD camera mount fixing holes
  • Bracket spacing can be altered to suit site conditions depending on suitability of structure
  • Available in many mounting options - See 'Mounting Options' tab for examples
  • Fixing brackets are heavy duty, giving a very rigid and safe installation you can be confident in
  • Earth bosses supplied as standard - On lower wall bracket, wall post & tilt section
  • Hot dip galvanised finish for longevity
  • 50 year design life

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Note ref wall construction. Due to the high loading nature of this product, wall loading and construction should be checked prior to installation. Standard expanding sheath or chemical fixings are not suitable for mounting into breeze blocks or single skin brick walls and in most cases this type of wall construction is not suitable. In all cases a Structural Engineer should be employed to confirm the adequacy of the wall.

Wind surface
area of
Weight of
AW4772/4 4m 0.75m2 75kg 3500mm 2800mm
AW4772/5 5m 0.75m2 75kg 3500mm 2800mm
AW4772/6 6m 0.65m2 70kg 4200mm 3300mm
AW4772/7 7m 0.5m2 55kg 4200mm 3300mm
AW4772/8 8m 0.4m2 40kg 4200mm 3300mm


AW4772 diagram

Note: Dimensions shown in the diagram below are for guidance only and should not be used for installation

AW4772 brackets

Applicable standards


  • Design analysis carried out using a specialist software package in accordance BS6399 Part 2

Material and Finishing

  • Structural steel hollow sections to EN10219 - EN10025:2004
  • Steel flat angles and structural sections to EN10025, EN10111, EN 10130
  • Fixings - Stainless steel Grade A2, galvanised Grade 4.6, Grade 8.8 to BS4190, BS3692, DIN 931, 934, 601
  • Hot dipped galvanising after fabrication to ISO 1461
  • Painted finish to BS4800 - Option on request

Manufacturing Processes

  • Welding Procedures conform with BS EN 1011:2009, BS EN 9606-1


  • Wire ropes to BS183:1972, BS EN 13411 3 2004 + A1 2008
  • Winches conform to American ASAE standard S361.IT.


  • Stand-off from wall is 155mm if not specified, but can be supplied up to 500mm as standard - For stand-off lengths up to 500mm add suffix to end of pole part number with desired length :-
    e.g. 5m right hand tilt with 250mm stand-off - AW4772/5/RHT/250
    e.g. 6m corner mount with 300mm stand-off - AW4772/6/C/300
  • Winch positions can be altered to suit site requirements - e.g. AW4772 with standard tilt and winch positioned on left can be supplied with a right hand winch mounting position - Please contact our Sales office for further details
  • Bracket spacing and stand-off can be altered to suit site conditions depending on suitability of structure - Please contact our Sales office for further details
  • Can be produced to suit non-wall mount applications, such as clamping to existing girders / RSJ's etc. - Please contact our Sales office for further details
  • Paint finish over galvanising - To BS / RAL colours on request

Part Numbering

Certified winch supplied as standard (fitted)

Refer to the 'Technical' tab for bracket spacing and 'Mounting Options' tab for diagrams detailing the options

Pole Part Numbers

In the part numbers below, replace 'h' with the desired height in metres - Standard heights are 4m to 8m

AW4772/h                   Standard tilt
AW4772/h/RHT           Right hand tilt
AW4772/h/45RHT       45o Right hand tilt
AW4772/h/LHT           Left hand tilt
AW4772/h/45LHT       45o Left hand tilt
AW4772/h/C               Corner Mount

Winch Accessories

AW4772-WG              Padlockable winch housing
AW4772-WCG           Padlockable winch & cable guard (not a retrofit item)

Partial Anti-Climb Guards

Our standard SGC anti-climb guards can be supplied with partial coverage, for instances where the upper pole section does not clear the building / wall it is being mounted to

SGC/4772                  Anti-climb guard for AW4772