Pole Top Fixed Camera Mounting Bracket



  • Commonly used for fixing cameras to the top of existing lighting poles.
    Please note that we do not recommend mounting cameras to lighting poles generally as they do not give the necessary rigidity that our camera poles do.
  • Made to suit any pole diameter - sleeves over the outside of the open ended pole
  • Tapped exit point for conduit fittings so that camera cable is taken up the centre of the pole and exits for routing to the camera
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish
  • Standard 101.6 PCD CCTV camera mount fixing holes
  • Can be produced to suit any camera type 
  • Bracket Weight typically (depending on pole diameter) - 17.5kgs
  • Load Capacities - depending on suitability of pole
    With standard PTS-1 fitted - 10kgs
    With optional HAS-1 fitted - 20kg

    Download Datasheet

Bracket Weight typically (depending on pole diameter) - 17.5kgs

PMBT-168-SF-PG78 tech


Construction and finish

  • Produced in high tensile steel
  • Hot dip galvanised for longevity
  • Knuckles in grade 304 stainless steel
  • Fixings are stainless steel grade A2
  • Powder coated finish to BS & RAL colours on request

Part numbering

PMBT(Ø*)SF - Ø* = Insert pole diameter

e.g. for 89mm diameter pole - PMBT(89)SF