Pole Top Offset Arm Fixed Camera Mounting Bracket



  • Provides offset from top of pole or column to enable view not achievable when camera is mounted centrally
  • Robust fabricated steel construction
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish
  • Standard 101.6 PCD CCTV camera mount fixing holes
  • Fitted with PTS-1 knuckle as standard - HAS-1 knuckle fitted as option
  • PTS-1 and HAS-1 knuckles can be produced to suit any non standard camera housing (made to order)

Download Datasheet

POB-168-1000-SF-PG80 tech

For extended offset brackets over 600mm, it is important than on tilt-down products, the arm is orientated in the direction of tilt.

Part Number Outreach Load Capacity Bracket
    PTS-1 HAS-1 Weight
POB1-(Ø*)-600/SF   600mm 10kgs 25kgs  9kgs
POB1-(Ø*)-1000/SF 1000mm 10kgs 25kgs  11.25kgs
POB1-(Ø*)-1200/SF 1200mm 10kgs 20kgs  12.25kgs
POB1-(Ø*)-1500/SF 1500mm 10kgs 15kgs  14.25kgs

Add (Ø*) pole diameter - e.g. for 168mm diameter pole with 600mm outreach - POB1-168-600SF

All part numbers noted above are for brackets to fit tubular poles. For brackets to fit box section columns replace POB1 prefix with COB1 and state column section size - e.g. for a 100mm box section column with 1000mm outreach - COB1-100-1000SF


Construction and finish

  • Produced in high tensile steel
  • Hot dip galvanised for longevity
  • Knuckles in grade 304 stainless steel
  • Fixings are stainless steel grade A2
  • Powder coated finish to BS & RAL colours on request