Corner Parapet Swivel Arm Bracket


Altron Corner Parapet Mounted Swivel Arm Brackets enable cameras to be serviced safely within roof space - The corner variations are made to order items, but can often be supplied on short lead times.


  • Swivel plates and double clamping arrangement allow the swivel arm to be locked solidly in the operating position, and then easily brought back within the parapet for camera servicing 
  • Solid constructions means stable platform for camera mounting
  • Adjustable top wall bracket allows accurate alignment with brick courses
  • Designed to enable man handling through lift and stairwell for roof access
  • Standard 101.6 PCD camera mount fixing holes - Can be produced to suit any camera type (made to order)
  • Internal cabling version available for when used in public access areas such as car park roofs
  • Swivel arm can be supplied with a removable rear arm option for areas with restricted access
  • Also available for Dome Mounting

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Max. load capacity

  • Arm length up to 1.5m = 25kgs / 0.25m2 
  • Arm length of 2m = 15kgs / 0.15m2 
  • Arm lengths of over 2m depends on application

Notes on parapet mounting 

  • Parapets must be of solid construction, ideally pre-cast concrete or steel-framed
  • For brick built parapets, single skin construction is not suitable
  • Parapets where the brickwork is not in good condition are not suitable
  • The minimum parapet height is 1100mm
  • The product head load must not be exceeded
  • In cases where a greater head load is proposed, Altron must be contacted and suitable advice should be sought regarding parapet construction and strength

Part Number

Arm Length

SB1-1000PMC 1m
SB1-1200PMC 1.2m
SB1-1500PMC 1.5m







Construction and finish

  • Produced in high tensile steel
  • Hot dip galvanised for longevity
  • Fixings are stainless steel grade A2 and galvanised grade 8.8
  • Painted finish to BS & RAL colours on request



  • Internal Cableway - Add /IC suffix. e.g. SB1-1500PMC/IC
  • Removable Rear Arm - Add /RA suffix. e.g. SB1-2000PMC/RA
  • Where parapet restrictions do not allow for our standard recommended post size - i.e. 1m standard post height. We can often supply to suit specific requirements - Please contact our Sales Office for further details
  • Counterbalance weights can be supplied to help support the arm when rotating, typically for heavier camera loads - Please contact our Sales Office for further details
  • Paint finish over galvanising - To BS / RAL colours on request

Part Numbering


Part number examples :-

SB1-1000PMC/IC - 1m corner parapet mount swivel arm bracket with Internal Cableway

SB1-1500PMC/RA - 1.5m corner parapet mount swivel arm bracket with Removable Rear Arm