Products Ornate Poles & Brackets AW1502 - ENEK - Ornate Lamp Standard CCTV poles

AW1502 - ENEK - Ornate Lamp Standard CCTV poles

Height range 4m - 10m

1502-ENEK 6mAW1502 10m special with Westminster castingAW1502 8m with special Westminster casting

Ornate version of the AW1502 Lamp Standard range.The cast embellishment kits enhance the pole appearance and are often used to match ornate features of existing lighting columns to bring conformity to street furniture but ensuring cameras are on a stable pole built for CCTV use. A full range of ornate brackets and accessories ensure an authentic installation.

  • Stable structures for all camera types
  • Versatile range with many accessories for both CCTV and dual lighting use
  • Double door versions available for dual CCTV and lighting, keeping services separate
  • Compartments have doors that are close fitting and flush with heavy duty secure locks and are complete with treated backboard
  • Available in bolt down and embedded / direct burial versions
  • A wide range of ornate Altron accessories and Brackets available
  • Pole adaptations available to suit customers / project specific requirements
  • Constructed in high tensile steel and hot dip galvanised after fabrication for durability
  • Option of painting over the galvanised finish in colours available from BS and RAL colour charts

  • Internal cabling
  • Close fitting flush doors
  • Solid secure heavy duty door locks and high security lock
  • Anchor bolts below ground level

  • Public area urban CCTV
  • Historic sites
  • Private residences
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AW1502 - ENEK


Model No. Height in mtrs A Max equip
weight at top
Max equip
surface area
Base height S Product weight kgs
AW1502/3/ENEK 3 40 0.5 1100 126
AW1502/4/ENEK 4 40 0.5 1100 144
AW1502/5/ENEK 5 30 0.5 1500 162
AW1502/6/ENEK 6 30 0.4 1500 180
AW1502/7/ENEK 8 25 0.3 1500 198
AW1502/8/ENEK 10 25 0.25 1500 216

Where payloads are greater than those stated above please contact Altron
All dimensions in mm's unless stated otherwise

Applicable standards

- Design analysis carried out using a specialist software package in accordance with ILE TR7, BS6399 and BS8100

Material and Finishing
- Structural steel hollow sections EN10219 - EN10025:2004
- Steel flat angles and structural sections EN10025, EN10111, EN 10130
- Foundation bolts Grade 4.6 spun galvanised BS4190, BS3692, DIN931, 934, 601
- Fixings: stainless steel Grade A2, galvanised Grade 4.6  Grade 8.8  BS4190, BS3692, DIN 931, 934, 601
- Hot dipped galvanising after fabrication to ISO 1461
- Painting in BS and RAL colours in accordance with BS4800

Manufacturing Processes
- Welding Procedures conform with BS EN 1011:2009, BS EN 9606-1


Access cover plate and cable restraining bar /AC
High Security Locks /HS
Screw in swan neck adaptor /SN
Tamper switch /TS
Lighting spigot /LS

Part Numbering

Standard part numbers are as shown below. For addition of options, add suffix to part number e.g. for AW1502/6/ENEK pole with lighting spigot and high security lock, use part number AW1502/6/ENEK/LS/HS
Ornate lamp standard poles are supplied with treated backboard and secure locks as standard

Altron embellishments are produced to a high standard in cast aluminium or cast iron. Our standard embellishment ranges are shown in detail below.


aw1545 hnek






aw1502 enek